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Rotary Microtome
Rotary Microtome
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Rotary Microtome

Order Id: SF-202A
Categories: Histopathology  Rotary Microtome 

Product Description:
This machine is of streamline design and clean appearance. Its hand wheel and handle is locked at the highest point to ensure the safe changing of slice paraffin. It has the functions of liquid crystal counting display and safe alarm. It is of uniform slice, good-quality and low price.

Main Technical Parameters:
1. Slice thickness range: 1~ 25μm, continuous slicing   >25 freely adjusting
2. Minimum scale of slice adjustment: 1μm
3. Slice error: ± 10%
4. Maximum paraffin slice area: 40 × 30mm
5. Sealed box cover that is convenient to clean
6. The knife holder can move forward, backward and conduct horizontal movement, which facilitates slicing.
7. Dimension: 380x340x270mm
8. Weight: 21.5kg