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Rotary Manual Microtome
Rotary  Manual Microtome
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Rotary Manual Microtome

Order Id: SF-2258
Categories: Rotary Microtome 

Product Description:
This machine is a newly developed product to meet the needs of modern pathology tests. Adopting imported roller guide rail and high-precision roller screws, it is of reasonable design, tight structure as well as high precision, and is stable and reliable.

Main Features
1. Adopting ergonomic design, it is comfort to operate and without fatigue.
2. Ideal slices can be obtained by using standard slicing knife or disposable blade
3. Samples chuck can be freely locked in three-dimensional axis, which is easy to adjust the angle of the sample sectioning.
4. Imported advanced driving system, fast forward and rewind, easy to repair slice.
5. The right operation wheel can be locked freely to provide maximum security and convenience.
6. Digital display slices thickness, convenient and fast.
7. Samples return and samples chuck system can be replaced.
8. Knife base can conduct vertical and horizontal movement without manual operation.
9. N-type steel knife holder and throw-away E-type holder for blade.
10. Sealed box cover without disassembly and convenient to clean.
11. Large capacity waste tank to facilitate removal.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Slice thickness range: 0.5~ 60μm
2. Slice thickness options: 0.5-2μm increment 0.5μm
2-20μm increment 1μm
20-60μm increment 5μm
3. Slice accuracy: ± 5%
4. Minimum scale of slice adjustment: 0.5μm
5. Maximum sample size: 60 × 50mm
6. Sample horizontal displacement: 28mm
7. Sample vertical displacement: 60mm
8. Sample retraction: 0 ~ 28mm
9. Repair thickness: 1 ~ 60μm
10. Dimension: 500x460x300mm
11. Weight: 23.3kg