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Automatic Microtome(Computer)
Automatic Microtome(Computer)
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Automatic Microtome(Computer)

Order Id: SF-3358
Categories: Histopathology  Automatic Microtome 
Automatic Microtome(Computer)

Product Description:
This machine brings the essence of our company’s technology, adopts advanced design concepts, technology required by modern histopathology as well as ergonomic design and structure that is easy to clean. Its main components are all imported, which enables this microtome the most advanced technical products and the perfect combination of electronic and mechanical. 

1. Applying imported advanced driving system, which has the functions of repairing, slicing, fast forward, rewind and conversion; 
2. Liquid crystal display slice thickness, repair thickness and slice count; 
3. Both slice and repair can be done by the controlling system;
4. Hand wheel lock in any position to guarantee the safety of sectioning; 
5. Large capacity waste tanks that is convenient to assembly and disassembly; 
6. Fast and convenient exchangeable specimen chuck, namely, throw-away embedded and paraffin-embedded chuck; security alarm system;
Main Technical Parameters: 
1. Slice thickness range: 0.25 ~ 60μm 
2. Repair thickness range: 0.25 ~ 60μm
3. Sample maximum horizontal travel: 28mm 
4. Sample maximum vertical travel: 60mm 
5. Minimum scale of slice adjustment: 0.25μm 
6. Maximum area of paraffin section: 50 × 50mm 
7. Sectioning accuracy: ± 10% 
8. Sample automatic feeding and return: 0-38 (two modes)
9. Slice thickness adjustment: 0.25 ~ 1μm increment 0.25μm, 1 ~ 10μm increment 1μm, 10 ~ 20μm increment 2μm, 20 ~ 60μm increment 5μm 
10. Dimension: 520 × 430 × 330mm
11. Weight: 24kg