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Normal Bomb Calorimeter
Normal Bomb Calorimeter
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Normal Bomb Calorimeter

Order Id: FC-BCM-N
Categories: Coal testing instruments  Bomb Calorimeter 


Application area

It is applicable in the industry such as electrical power, coal, papermaking, petrochemical, cement, farming, medical research, and instruction to measure the Calorific Value of combustible materials.

Technical parameters

Calorimeter type: Isoperibol
Temperature testing range: 540
Temperature resolution: 0.0005
Precision: RSD≤0.2
Testing Time: 25 min a sample, 15 min a sample (ASTM, Chinese National Standard)
Weight of sample: 4g5g (Raw cement material)
Repeating error: ≤76KJ / Kg (18KCal / Kg) (Raw cement material)
Power Supply: 220V, 50/60HZ
Power: ≤1.5kw
Dimension: 530mm×420mm×420mm
Weight: 30Kg


1.Picked materials, appropriate configuration, and low malfunction rate.

2.Expert system automatically correct temperature testing curve, automatically track the thermal capacity.

3. Temperature difference between inner bucket and outer bucket need to be adjusted manually. Inner bucket water needs to be measured by operator. Testing result will be automatically saved and print out.

4. The new lamina stirring facility in the inner bucket makes the stirring efficiency higher and calorimeter system more stable.

5. With advanced oxygen filling facility.

6. Customers can choose from four testing methods according to their own need. The average testing time in a whole process is about 1530 minutes.

7. With the auto stop and auto draining joints, the water exchange process is quick and simple.

8. Quickly and accurately measures the Calorific Value of the cement raw materials, and no additive is needed.

9. There is prompt in the whole testing process. And operation with mouse makes the operation simple and easy to learn. Connected with electronic scale, the measuring results can be read automatically. Connected with internet, the data can be shared in long distance. Automatically create the coal quality report forms.

10. Adopting the advanced USB technology, one computer can control one to four calorimeters or the synthesized instrument composed by other facilities.

11. Completely support Windows systems; high stability; can link electronic scale and share data in long distance through network.