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Full Automatic Calorimeter
Full Automatic Calorimeter
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Full Automatic Calorimeter

Order Id: FC-BCM-Q
Categories: Coal testing instruments  Bomb Calorimeter 
Full Automatic Calorimeter


Application area

It is applicable in the industry such as electrical power, coal, papermaking, petrochemical, cement, farming, medical research, and instruction to measure the Calorific Value of combustible materials. 

Technical parameters

Calorimeter type: Isoperibol
Temperature range: 540
Temperature resolution: 0.0001
Precision (Precision Mode): RSD≤0.1
Testing time (Precision Mode): 8 min
Power Supply: 220V, 50/60HZ
Power: ≤1.5kw
Dimension: 630mm×420mm×450 mm
Weight: 55kg


1.CE certificated; exported to European countries.

2. With the semi-conductor water refrigeration system, the instrument can automatically determinate the refrigerating capacity and balance the circulation system according to the caloric of previous time. Thus the water temperature can be kept constant, and the influence of environment can be greatly reduced. Perfectly solved the problem that the tests cannot be made continuously after 4-5 tests have been made because the temperature difference between outer bucket water and environment exceeds 1.5.

3.Equipped with the latest oxygen bomb, auto oxygen filling facility, and auto elevating system. All the work the operator need to do is to put the sample-filled oxygen bomb on the pothook, then it will automatically descend to the set position and fill oxygen. After the experiment, the oxygen bomb will automatically ascend and let the exhaust gas out of the laboratory, so the laboratory can be kept clean.

4. All the processes in the experiment are automatic, there is no need to fill oxygen, relief air, measure water, adjust water temperature. So the workload is greatly reduced.

5. Probe-type electronic measuring cup is used to measure the inner bucket water, repetition error is less than 0.5g, so the water quantity is more accurate and the testing time is shorter.

6. With the high-efficiency magnetic force churning facility, the water in the inner bucket convect more quickly, so the main testing period is more stable.

7. The special auto stop and auto draining joints are equipped to change the water. When the drainpipe is connected, the instrument discharge water; when the drainpipe is taken off, the water will stop effusing.

8. Using the advanced USB technology, one computer can control 1-4 calorimeter buckets or other instruments, thus to make up synthesized testing instrument.

9. Completely support Windows systems; high stability; can link electronic scale and share data in long distance through network.