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Automatic extractor
Automatic extractor
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Automatic extractor

Order Id: OT-SE-3k
Categories: Spectrum  Infrared spectroscopy oil analyzer 

Meeting the standard: Conform to national standard“HJ637-2012 water quality the determination of petroleum and animal and plant oil Infrared photometric method”, develop for the water sample extraction.

OT-SE-3k type mainly realizes the extraction of high and low concentration of oily water. The instrument can complete the automation of water sample extraction, only need the operator measure the sample, lead into

automatic extractor, set and choose extraction time. The extractor could automatically measure the carbon tetrachloride in quantitative, automatically extract in extraction bottle. One-time could extract three water samples of 50-1000 ml.

Areas of application:

Used in surface water, groundwater, sewage and industrial wastewater in oil determination, automatic quantitative and extraction of water samples in carbon tetrachloride and etc.

Main instrument characteristics:

1. semi-automatic extraction process, carbon tetrachloride automatically keeps in constant volume and automatically come into extraction bottle, automatically extract;

2. Can extract one to three water samples at the same time.

3. Cleaning is more convenient and quicker, don't need to manually add carbon tetrachloride;

4. Original , stereo type side stirring extraction system, not only improve the extraction efficiency, but also ensure the measurement accuracy.

5. Health and safety: in the extraction and cleaning process, not need manually fix quantify and add carbon tetrachloride, maximum reducing the contact of carbon tetrachloride.

6. The extraction system adopts completely anticorrosive and non-oleophylic PTFE material, and run cleaning process, furthest reducing the cross contamination of high and low concentration.

7. Equipped with ordinary magnesium silicate layer absorption column, can filter the animal and plant oil, measuring oil and animal and plant oil substances.

 Technical index:



Samples quantity


Solvent sampling quantity


extract sample number at the same time

3 water samples

extraction efficiency

 More than 95%



Extraction Time

310min/single sample

Working temperature


Instrument dimension


Instrument quality


Working power

(220±22)V, (50±1)Hz,100VA