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Intelligent Whole Range Dry and Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzers
Intelligent Whole Range Dry and Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzers
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Intelligent Whole Range Dry and Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzers

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PSA3008 laser particle size analyzer intelligently and automatically measures dry powders with a broad (1-2000um) measurable particle size range. Its measurement principle, the fully automatic operation and intelligent data analysis all together ensure the accuracy and the reproducibility of the measurement results.
Main Features

Principle: Particles of different sizes scatters the illuminating laser into different patterns. In this instrument He-Ne laser is used to illuminate and photon detector arrays measure the forward, sideward and backward scattered laser. Information from hundreds of thousands of particles can be acquired and processed each time and immediately converted to size distribution. This instrument therefore can measure a big quantity of samples each time to have more representative statistical results. The fast processing rate also makes it to be able to measure fast-moving samples.
Novel technique: It uses a patented technique of Fourier transform of converging light, the technique of spectrum amplication and the design of perpendicular light paths. Photon detector arrays measure the forward, sideward and backward scattered laser. This ensures the precision and reproducibility of the measurement results obtained from nano-particles.
Unconstrained data fitting program: the particle analysis software uses a unique unconstrained data fitting technique that we developed to intelligently measure an unknown size distribution, this is particularly important for material researchers, or for measuring particle size distributions with multiple peaks in data.
Dispersing system: A patented turbulence dispersing technique thoroughly mixes the samples and air. Key parts of the dispersing system are made of wear-resistance ceramics to improve the service life, and to guarantee the reliability of the results.
Intelligent measurements: Users only need to add in their samples, and click the ‘automatically measure’, and then all the procedures, including pumping in air, feeding in sample, dispersing, circulation, measuring, cleaning, data recording, analyzing, saving and printing etc. are automatically executed. This reduces users’ workload, as well as minimizes any possible errors resulted from manual operations.
Rich software functions: Beside the basic function of analyzing the size distributions, the software also has the following features:
The output has rich content including: size distribution, R-R distribution, logarithmic distribution, statistics within different size ranges, volume distribution, number distribution, the percentage of particles of a certain size, or a certain size range, and comparison of multiple results.
The output could be in Word, Excel, Bmp pictures and Text formats, and this makes easy viewing and referencing the results at different situations.
It supports English and Chinese languages, and it can be changed to many other language versions according to the user’s needs.
Automatic alignment: A precise four phase hybrid stepping motor automatically aligns the optical path and can adjust it at any moment. This releases users from manual adjusting the optical path and improved accuracy and stability of the measurement results.
Calibration: Throughout the measurable size ranges the instrument is calibrated with China’s standard reference particulate materials. The resolution and accuracy are guaranteed.









Measurement range



Number of channels



Execution standard



<3%( standard reference material)


<3%( standard reference material)

Dispersing way

Turbulent flow dispersing for dry samples

Operation mold


Measurement speed

<1min each operation


He-Ne λ=632.8nm, power>4mW






Shipping package



PSA3008 Laser particle analyzer


PSA Laser particle analyzer software

(including Encryption dog)


Vacuum hover


Oil-free air compressor


Standard Reference material for measurements performed on dry samples

1 pouch


1 set

Signal cable


Power cable




 For measurements performed on cements, ceramics ,drugs, coatings, dyes, paints, fillers, chemicals, catalysts, abrasives, lubricants, coal powder, muds and sands, dusts, cells, bacteria, foods, additives, pesticides, explosives, graphite, photosensitive materials, fuels, metal and non-metal powders, calcium carbonate, kaolinite, water and coal slurry, and other powdery materials, particularly the particles reacting with the solvents or changing their shapes/sizes once diluted in the solvents, such as medicines and magnetic materials.