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Intelligent Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzers
Intelligent Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzers
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Intelligent Wet Laser Particle Size Analyzers

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PSA2000ZD is a user-friendly automatic laser particle size analyzer, another breakthrough of our laser particle size analyzers. The measurement range is 0.1-300um. The size distribution is determined by measuring the intensity of the scattered light as a function of the scattering angles, and the theoretical base of calculating is the Mie light scattering. It combines together a patented technique of Fourier transform of converging light, and unconstrained data fitting program and intelligent measurements.
 Main FeaturesPrinciple: Particles of different sizes scatters the illuminating laser into different patterns. In this instrument He-Ne laser is used to illuminate and a photon detector array measures the scattered laser. Software automatically converts the patterns into size distributions.
 Novel technique: It uses the Fourier transforming of converging laser to reduce the dimension of the instrument, and to obtain precise information of the scattering patterns, particularly the intensity of the scattered laser at very large scattering angles. By simply changing the focal length rather than change a lens, such an optical system can easily adjust its measurement range to measure your specific samples.
 Built-in dispersing system: We carefully aligned the stirring set-up, the ultrasonic dispersing unit and the sample circulation pipes, and fixed them inside the instrument. Such a built-in design effectively prevents the inhomogeneous dispersion and sedimentation of big particles, which can be observed in the designs that these dispersing units are separated from the instruments, where the sample circulation pipes are therefore too long.
 Unconstrained data fitting program: the particle analysis software uses a unique unconstrained data fitting technique that we developed to intelligently measure an unknown size distribution, this is particularly important for material researchers, or for measuring particle size distributions with multiple peaks in data.
 Micro sample chamber: The capacity of the micro sample chamber is as small as only 10ml. This helps with measuring expensive/precious samples, or samples difficult to be dispersed within medium.
Rich software functions: Beside the basic function of analyzing the size distributions, the software also has the following features:
 The output has rich content including: size distribution, R-R distribution, logarithmic distribution, statistics within different size ranges, volume distribution, number distribution, the percentage of particles of a certain size, or a certain size range, and comparison of multiple results.
 The output could be in Word, Exce








Measurement range


Number of channels


Dispersing media

distilled water, alcohol and other transparent liquids

Execution standard


Sample dispersing

changeable supersonic time:1-4 minutes

changeable stirring speed: 0-500rpm


<1%( standard reference material)


<1%( standard reference material)

Dispersing methods


Frequency: 40KHz, Power: 35W, Time: 0-10min




8L/min, 10W

Sample chamber


Micro sample chamber

10ml (optional)

Operation mold

Wet, full-automatic, automatic centering


He-Ne λ=632.8nm, power>2mW

Power Source

ac 220/110v 50/60hz






Shipping Package



PSA2000 Laser particle analyzer


PSA2000 Laser particle analyzer software

(including Encryption dog)


Standard Reference material

1 bottle


1 set

Signal cable


USB conversion line




For measurements performed on cements, ceramics ,drugs, coatings, dyes, paints, fillers, chemicals, catalysts, abrasives, lubricants, coal powder, muds and sands, dusts, cells, bacteria, foods, additives, pesticides, explosives, graphite, photosensitive materials, fuels, metal and non-metal powders, calcium carbonate, kaolinite, water and coal slurry, and other powdery materials.