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Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
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Semi-Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Order Id: CL-SCA-04
Categories: Clinical Laboratory  Biochemistry Analyzer 


These are machines that process a large portion of the samples going into a hospital or private medical laboratory. Automation of the testing process has reduced testing time for many analytes from days to minutes.

The types of tests required include enzyme levels (such as many of the liver function tests), ion levels (e.g. sodium and potassium), and other tell-tale chemicals (such as glucose, serum albumin, or creatinine).


◆ High efficiency grating as dispersion element with successive and adjustable wavelenglh, long life-span without trouble of changing filter

◆ Full open program, suitable for all kinds of reagent

◆ Big screen, English image display, English report printing

Main technical:

◆ Wavelength range:arbitrary setup betheen 330-800nm

◆ Wavelength Accuracy:±1nm

◆ Absorbance testing range:-0.3-3.0Abs

◆ Absorbance resolution:0.001Abs(display)0.0001Abs(inner)

◆ Stability:≤0.002Abs

◆ Cross contamination:<1%

◆ Quartz flowing cell:10nm 32ul

◆ Temperature control:25℃、30℃、37℃、room temperature

◆ Temperature precision:±0.1℃

◆ one time sampling capacity:arbitrary set between 100ul and 2000ul

◆ Display:10.4" color, liquid, crystal, Chinese display

◆ Printer:build-in 110mm wide line high-speed theraml sensitive printer, printing English report sheet, enjoying the function of detection of detecting results, enjoying the function of inspection and judge

◆ Power supply:220V±15% 50Hz ±2%