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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
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Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Order Id: CL-ACA-02
Categories: Clinical Laboratory  Biochemistry Analyzer 
Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
Auto Biochemistry Analyzer
Auto Biochemistry Analyzer



◆ Optional-like discrete system, simultaneously detect 30 items.

◆ Entire wavelength response cup auto blank detection, auto deduct cup blank, remove deviation among cups, makes the result more accurate.

◆ Advanced optical fiber back spectroscopic colorimetric system, guarantee the test result precise and stable.

◆ Independently design with two needles and two trays, complete the automatically add sample, reagent and stir with high efficiency, test speed: 200 test/h.

◆ Convenient optional-like analysis pattern, batch input, item combination, STAT detect preferentially.

◆ Bubbling spring clean, sample needle with Teflon coating and reagent needle force flushing between in and out walls, make the pollution rate to minimum.

◆ Real time display dynamic detection curve, entirely monitor reaction process. When surpass linearity or sample is wrong, the instrument guarantees the result accuracy and reliability through dilute or change sample automatically.

◆ Prefect QC management function, support High, Middle, Low QC. Instant method statically processing, display and print STD, dynamic QC chart.

◆ Sample needle and reagent needle have anti-collision and liquid level detection functions, can track and remind reagent residual volume.

◆ Stirring needle made of special material is anti-corrosive, high efficiency agitation with no residual liquid.

◆ Adopt advanced cool system, self-contained power make it refrigerate with 24 hour uninterrupted, make the temperature of reagent tray be up to 8℃.


Main Technical:

◆ Light Source: Long life halogen lamp

◆ Test Speed: 200 test/h (constant speed)

◆ Sample Position: 30 sample positions (Including QC, STD)

◆ Reagent Position: 30 refrigerated reagent positions

◆ Wavelength Range:300-700nm

◆ Wavelength Accuracy:±2nm

◆ Temperature Control:37℃±0.1℃

◆ Range of Absorbancy:0-3.0A

◆ Sample Volume:2-50ul 0.1ul

◆ Reagent Volume:10-400ul 1ul

◆ Analysis Method: End Point, Kinetics, Two Points, Dual Wavelength, Dual Reagent, Multi-Standard

◆ Alarm: Auto alarm when lack of water and full of the waste bottle.

◆ Water consumption:3-5/h

◆ Storage: long time store over 300 items programmed parameters and more than 200,000 patients material.

◆ Printer: outside printer, select several kinds of print model at will.

◆ Power Supply:220V 50Hz