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Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
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Semi-Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Order Id: CL-SCA-08
Categories: Clinical Laboratory  Biochemistry Analyzer 

Functions & Features

  1. ABS materials for mainframe which is easy to move
  2. Open system which can use universal reagents from any country
  3. Built-in printer with editing function
  4. Power-loss protection function which the testing data can be stored when power off suddenly
  5. Large capacity built-in memory to store the biochemistry testing results
  6. Large LCD screen with back light screen
  7. English displaying system with simple & convenient operation
  8. RS232 interface for PC connection
  9. Software available as optional
  10. All biochemistry methods available including kinetic method, Dynamic method, two-points method, end point method, coefficient of confidence method, line measurement method, absorbance fixed-point measurement method
  11. Peristaltic pump inside

Main Technical Performance

Light Source: 12V 30W long-life span halogen lamp
Wavelength Range: 340~750nm
Light Interference Filters: 8 PCs
Wavelength Precision: ±1nm
Wavelength Bandwidth: ±8nm
Absorbency: 0.000—3.000ABS
Cross Contamination: ≤1%
Stability: ≤3mABS/h at 340nm after pre-heating of 30 minutes
Resolution: 0.1mABS
Memory Capacity: 150 testing items with 1500 testing results
Testing Time: 0~999s programmable
Light Circuit Length: 10mm
Temperature Selection: RT, 25℃, 30℃, 37℃
Temperature Resolution: ±0.1℃
Dimension: 400×400×200mm
Weight: 10kg


CL-SCA-08 Operation Video