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Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
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Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Order Id: CL-BA-6020
Categories: Clinical Laboratory  Biochemistry Analyzer 

Sample System

1. Sample tray: 44 sample position

2. Sample volume:3~30ul, programmed by 0.1ul step

3. Sample probe: Liquid level detection and  Collision protection automatically

4. Probe cleaning: automatic washing both inside and outside, Carry over<0.1%

5. Automatic sample dilution


Reagent System

1. Reagent tray: 44 positions for single &dual Reagents.

2. Refrigeration: Refrigerated reagent

3. Compartment 24h Cooling system maintaining temperature 4~15°C

4. Reagent bottle size: 20ml and 35ml

5. Reagent volume:150~300ul,programmed by 0.1ul step

6. Reagent probe: Liquid level detection and collision protection automatically

7. Pre-heating function inventory checking.

8. Real-time monitoring of reagent volume and auto alarm

9. Probe cleaning: automatic washing both insideand outside, Carry over<0.1%


Reaction System

1. Reaction tray: 48 reaction cuvettes

2. Reaction technology:

3. Back-Dividing-Light technology

4. Reaction volume: 200~300ul

5. Reaction Temperature:37°C+0.1°C

6. Mixing system: Independent mixing probe


Optical System

1. Light source: Halogen-tungsten lamp

2. Wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 494nm,  505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 670nm, 700nm

3. Linear range:0~3ABS


Control and Calibration System

1.Calibration mode: Linear(one point ,two point and multi-point),Logit-Log4P, Logit-Log 5P, spline, exponential ,polynomial, parabola

2. Control rules: Westgard multi-rule


Operation Unit

1. Operation system: Windows2000 system or above

2. Interface: RS-232


Working Conditions

1. Power Supply: 220V+22V, 50/60HZ+1HZ

2. Power consumption: 400VA

3. Temperature:15~30°C

4. Humidity: 85%

5. Water consumption: 5L/h


Dimension: 760(L)X570(W)X1000MM

Weight: approx.85kgs