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Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
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Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Order Id: CL-BA-9050
Categories: Clinical Laboratory  Biochemistry Analyzer 

l  Test speed: Thoughput 400test/hour,800 test with ISE

l  Measuring wavelength: 340 to 800mm, 12 wavelengths invariable

l  Assay tape: End point, Kinetics, fixed time, immunoturbidimetry  Monochromatic, Bi-chromatic&Multi-standard Analysis Linearity&Nonlinearity. Calibration Single&Dual reagent can be used.

l  Calibration Mode: Linear(one-point,Two-point and Multi-point),Logit-log4p,Logit-log5Spine,Exponential, Polynomial, Parabola.

l  Light source: Halogen lamp 6V/10W, Life span3000hours

l  Cuvette: Light pass length:6mm

l  Reaction disk: Turntable

l  Teaction temperature: 37℃±0.1

l  Sample Volume: 2 to 35µL(in steps of 0.1µL)

l  Power supply: 220V AC, 50/60HZ