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Portable computer colorimeter
Portable computer colorimeter
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Portable computer colorimeter

Order Id: PT-MYT200
Categories: Colorimeter 

1. Simplicity of humanized design and operation of the leading

 Automatically boot black and white board correction function

 Structural design accord with human body mechanics.

 Fool style operation interface

2. Stability of measuring performance

E fluctuations average less than 0.08, in fact more in 0.03 ~ 0.06

 Portable structure in designed, in application, more conducive to maintain a stable body


3.  Location convenient& fast

 Light positioning function, is a kind of fast, simple positioning function


4. The PC client software to achieve more functional expansion

 PC software with intellectual property rights, corresponding with genuine software serial number and password protection.

Can make difference analysis, color analysis of cumulative, color index, color sample library management, simulation object color etc.


5.  Advanced design of power management

 The first  color difference meter which used in high capacity lithium ion battery

 Repeated use of automatic charging, charging a cost saving, and can measure more than 3000 times, to ensure the stability of long time measurement


Technical specifications

Lighting light system :     8/d

Measuring aperture:       Φ8mm

Colour space :   CIE L*a*b*C*H*  CIE L*a*b* CIE XYZ

Value of chromatism:          E*ab (L*a*b*) (L*C*h*)

Standard Observe : 10°angle

 Observation of light source: D65

light source      LED light source

Sensor          Photodiode array

Storage capacity      100 standardized 5000 samples

Measurement interval 1.5 second

Repeatability0.08ΔEab Measurement of the mean values of 30 times the standard white plate

Power supply:  Rechargeable lithium ion battery 3.7V@3200mAh  power adapter(DC 5V)

Display:  TFT Truecolor  2.8inch@16:9

Lamp Life : 3 years more than 1000000 measurements

Charging time:         8 hours100 power

After charging the measurable frequency:  Can be measured 3000 times within 8 hours

Operating temperature range:        0~400~85Relative humidity (without dew)

Operating temperature range:        -10~500~85Relative humidity (without dew)

Table distance:         Below ΔE*ab 0.40

Weight: 500g

Dimension:       205×70×100 mm

Interface : USB


Standard accessory: Power, adapter lithium battery, manual, CD, data line, Cover of white plate,measuring diameter (8mm)

Optional accessories


Micro printer, powder test kit, universal test assembly