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High-speed Homogenizer
High-speed Homogenizer
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High-speed Homogenizer

Order Id: MD-HMN-07
Categories: Mixing & Dispersion  Homogenizer 


Product Description:

1. MD-HMN-07 Homogenizer is manufactured in Germany Seiko;
2. Compact, lightweight and easy to use;
3. Users can choose any one from many high-performance dispersers and the speed is continuously adjustable. Equipped with 5 and 8mm rotors, it is applied for biology;
4. With a capacity of 0.1-50L to meet various needs;
5. It is applicable for a lot of fields, such as biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical, environmental control, paint, tobacco, textiles, etc.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Input voltage: 200-240V AC/50/60Hz
  2. Power: 145W/350W/850W/1520W
  3. Capacity :0.1-500ml; 100-5000ml; 0.1-20000ml; 100-50000ml
  4. Rotating speed :5000-35000rpm; 11,500-39,000 rpm; 8,500-34,000 rpm; 18,000 rpm
  5. Speed adjustment: multi-degree