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Order Id: MD-HMN-06
Categories: Mixing & Dispersion  Homogenizer 


Product Description:

Providing a better test for new microbes, HTY-761 homogenizer is a new instrument for the preparation of test solution. By couplings driving integrated stirring knife, the miniature high-power high-speed motor can quickly and completely crush products. Compared to test solution made through traditional method, test solution made through homogenizer has the characteristics of uniformity and rapid speed. The special stainless steel homogenizing cup can be disinfected, which ensures its security and convenience. It is suitable for crushing solid, liquid, or oil and homogenization and emulsification in fields like medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, microbiological.

Main Features :
1. Stainless steel polished that is convenient for cleaning;
2. Integrated design of stirring blade and cup body to ensure it sealed; 
3. Sealed with silicone that is suitable for high temperature sterilization, without waste or pollution; 
4. Rotating speed and timing can be adjusted according to requirement, which is intangible and reliable; 
5. Using high-power high-speed micro-motors so test solution is produced fast, which reduces the intensity of work and has a large applicable scope of the products;
6. With unique design of the integrated stirring blade that makes the homogenizing uniform and practical; 
7. Equipped with safe protection device that is safe and reliable; 
8. Applied with noise reduction technology so that the noise is low.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: AC220V/50Hz 
Power: 300W 
Rotating speed: 0r/min ~ 10000r/min 
Timing: 1s ~ 600s