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Large Capacity High-speed Homogenizer
Large Capacity High-speed Homogenizer
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Large Capacity High-speed Homogenizer

Order Id: MD-HMN-05
Categories: Mixing & Dispersion  Homogenizer 


Product Description:

This machine is of apparent crushing effect and homogenate and mixing effect on a variety of tissues of animals and plants. If with different speed, it can break different cell membranes, especially suitable for crushing and analyzing small volume of plant and animal organs strong and muscles that is fibrous. 
It is also applicable for high-effect dispersion and emulsification to two incompatible liquids as well as organic matters, and also it is suitable for the extraction of organic compounds, fat soluble materials, organic solvent enzyme and soluble substances in water. 
By applying split structure that is internationally popular, it is of low noise, easy to operate, with speed stability. Thus it is inevitable equipment used in laboratories of biochemistry, biotechnology, cells, plants, animals, cosmetics, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 220V
Power: 360W 
Time adjusting range: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds ------ nine degree can be adjusted continuously 
Speed range: 2800-28000 r / min, adjustable
Volume of homogenate 3-500 ml 
Temperature: -10 ℃ -40 ℃
Weight: 6Kg 
Dimension: 320 × 220 × 430mm