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Electric Glass Homogenizer
Electric Glass Homogenizer
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Electric Glass Homogenizer

Order Id: MD-HMN-04
Categories: Mixing & Dispersion  Homogenizer 



Product Description: 

Under the principle of abrasive, this machine works on animal and plant tissues and homogenizes them softly to obtain cytoplasm and mitochondria needed in experiments. It is suitable for fields like biology, medicine, agriculture and so on, with low speed high torque and little noise.


Technical parameters:

Speed: Type I: 50-2200rpm/min continuously adjustable
Type II: 50-2800rpm/min continuously adjustable
Maximum power: 120W
Size of homogenate bottle: 10ml.20ml each, randomly
Alternative items: 1ml, 3ml.5ml.50ml
Type I is without speed display, the other parameters are the same with Type II.