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Digital Display High-speed Dispersing Homogenizer
Digital Display High-speed Dispersing Homogenizer
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Digital Display High-speed Dispersing Homogenizer

Order Id: MD-HMN-01
Categories: Mixing & Dispersion  Homogenizer 


Product Description:


Widely used in medical testing, chemical and pharmaceutical, biological products, food processing and other fields; has good effects in dispersing blending creatures, plants, chemicals, food, beverages and other products, especially suitable for doing a small amount of sample test. The machine uses the smallest vessel with a diameter of φ15mm standard test tube. Indeed it is the ideal equipment for medical units, biological research, colleges and universities. It can also be used in particles refining test and production in industries like paint, coatings, and pharmaceuticals, etc. as well as emulsion stability test or production such as emulsions, syrups, oral liquid products.

Main features: 

MD-HMN-01 high-speed dispersing homogenizer is another newly-developed product following stirrers, emulsifiers, crushing machines. It has the advantages of high speed, stable operation, low noise, large power and good dispersing effect, etc. and has multiple functions like stirring, crushing, emulsifying and etc.
Through precise combination of rotor and stator in dispersion device, it can produce strong shear force to ensure the material is crushed for tens of thousands of times per minute. Take crushing internal organs of animals for example. Generally it only takes tens of seconds or several minutes to crushing and dispersing. Also this machine enables two immiscible liquid to form a stable emulsion or suspension. The machine is equipped with two different specifications of the tool (φ10mm, φ18mm), users have free choice according to different diameter of container, and it is convenient for assembly and disassembly. Tool is made from high quality stainless steel which is corrosion and high temperature resistant, and also easy to clean and sterilize.

Technical Parameter:

Model: MD-HMN-01
Power supply: AC220V 50HZ
Motor input power: 280W 
Motor output power: 200W 
Working method:  discontinuous           
Rotating speed range: 300-21000r/min 
Working head configuration: φ12mm  φ18mm
Capacity range: 2~800ml
Dimension: 33*23*58cm 
Rotated output torque: 0.17N.m