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High-speed Tissue Crusher
High-speed Tissue Crusher
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High-speed Tissue Crusher

Order Id: MD-HMN-02
Categories: Mixing & Dispersion  Homogenizer 


Product Description:

This machine widely used in fields like biopharmaceutical, gene research, pathological analysis, polymerization reaction, etc. It is experimental equipment for the crushing of liquid medium soft solid.
This product is of innovative design and advanced technology. Its drive motor applies series mini-motor with high-power, rotating speed and compact structure that is safe and reliable in operation; its running state control applies two-way speed adjustor with high and low speed that is convenient; its glass crushing bottle is made from materials of high quality, transparent to clearly observe its effect; its stainless steel crushing blade shaft applies coupling and drive motor connection, which is simple and flexible in assembly and disassembly.
DS-1 high-speed tissue crusher is ideal equipment for scientific research, product development, quality control and production applications in medical units, biological research, health and epidemic prevention, cosmetics, food processing industries and colleges, etc. 

Technical Parameter:

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ
Motor input power: 280W 
Motor output power: 200W 
Working method:  discontinuous           
Rotating speed range: 1000r/min  12000/min
Capacity range: 500ml
Dimension: 240×240×480 mm