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Bench top pH meter -1.999 to 19.999 pH, ±1999.9 mV
Bench top pH meter -1.999 to 19.999 pH, ±1999.9 mV
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Bench top pH meter -1.999 to 19.999 pH, ±1999.9 mV

Order Id: ELE-512
Categories: pH/mV/ORP Meter 


Detailed Product Description

ph meter 

High accuracy Bench-top pH Meter. 


ph meter

ELE-512 Precision pH Meter



pH-1.999 to 19.999 pH

mV±1999.9 mV

Temp: -10 to 110


pH±0.002 pH

mV±0.03% full scale


Other Parameters:

ATC: 0 to 100

Storage Data600 groups; 

Communication ConnectorRS-232;


Size & Weight160×190×70mm/880g

Whats included:

201T-M plastic pH/ATC three-in-one electrode

2503-C glass pH combination electrode

ELE-500 temperature probe

Model 602 flexible electrode holder.

RS-232 communication software

Features and Applications:

High precision benchtop pH meter.

Equips model 2503 pH electrode, suitable for measure the weaker ionic strength, feculent and colloidal solution.

pH measure mode for high purified water and ammonia added purified water can be setup, suitable for use in electric power and petrifaction industry.