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Microprocessor pH/mV Meter
Microprocessor pH/mV Meter
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Microprocessor pH/mV Meter

Order Id: ELE-PHS-03
Categories: Water Testing Meter  pH/mV/ORP Meter 

Microprocessor pH/mV Meter

 ELE-PHPW series Microprocessor pH/mV meter include the ELE-PHP25CW, 3CW, 3BW. The meters are used to measure acidity and alkalinity of liquids.

Two Points Push-Button Calibration:
ELE-PHPW series with two points calibration function, it will prompt pH calibration solution when you calibrate the meter. You need only immerse the pH electrode into standard solution and press ENTER key, then the meter will be calibrated automatically.





Auto-Buffer Recognition:
In calibration, the meter will display ERROR if you use pH standard solution by mistake or not by the calibration prompt. 

Viewing of Electrode Slope:
After calibration, the meter will indicate electrode slope, you can judge by the indicator to replace electrode or not.

Automatic Temperature Compensation:
ELE-PHP3BW with temperature sensor, which can measure temperature of solution and can automatic temperature compensation.

Keypad and Electrode Holder:
The meter with waterproof panel, it's user can not worry for the sample solution splashing over the meter. The electrode holder can be used conveniently.

What's included:
Meter, pH electrode, pH buffers, Electrode holder, Power adapters, Temperature probe (Only for ELE-PHP3BW)

    pH Range   0.00~14.00pH 0.00~14.00pH 0.00~14.00pH  
    pH Accuracy    ±0.05pH  ±0.01pH ±0.01pH  
    Resolution   0.01pH 0.01pH 0.01pH  
    mV Range   0~±1999mV 0~±1999mV 0~±1999mV  
    mV Accuracy   ±2mV ±2mV ±2mV  
    Temperature Range   --- --- 0~100.0oC  
    Temperature Accuracy   --- --- ±1oC  
    pH Calibration Points   2 Points      
    Set Buffer   NIST, pH4.00/6.86/9.18 or USA, pH4.01/7.00/10.01  
    Temperature Compensation   0~100oC, Manual 0~100oC, Manual 0~100oC, Automatic  
    Power Requirements   DC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC, 50Hz  
    Dimensions   210(L)mm×205(W)mm×65(H)mm  
    Weight   1.5kg