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Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter
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Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Order Id: ELE-DOM-01
Categories: Water Testing Meter  Dissolved Oxygen Meter 
Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

ELEDOM series dissolved oxygen meter include the 820 and 821. The meters are used to measure amount of gaseous oxygen dissolved in a liquids. 

Multi-Measurement Units:
ELEDOM series can set parameter units accord with your country. E.g, Dissolved oxygen units: mg/L and ppm;
Barometric pressure units: kPa and mmHg;
Temperature units: oC and oF. 

Hold Function:
The meter with hold function, press MEAS/HOLD key, the meter momentarily freezes reading for easy viewing.

Message Indicator:
ELEDOM series with operational message indicator. When you need setup or measurement, the message indicator will help you what you can do and how do it.
You can set parameter or select functions under it's guide.

Save Data:
The meter can save 48 data sets, press SAVE key, the meter will store current measured value, serial number, date, time and other information.

Output Data:
The data can be sent to computer through
Communication interface, you can print out test report via software.

What's included:
Meter, DO probe, membrane cap, electrolyte solution, battery.

Automatic Calibration:
ELEDOM series with two points calibration function (Zero and 100%), it can recognizing calibration solution.
If you use calibration solution by mistake, the meter will display ERROR. 

Automatic Temperature Compensation:
Automatic temperature compensation guarantees the highest accuracy under varying temperature condition. 

Salinity and Barometric Pressure Compensation:
The salt dissolved in solution will limit oxygen content.
ELEDOM series can compensates salinity and barometric pressure after manual input coefficients. 


  Model   ELEDOM20   ELEDOM21
    Dissolved Oxygen Range   0.0~20.0mg/L or ppm   0.00~20.00mg/L or ppm
    Resolution    0.1mg/L    0.01mg/L
    Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy   ±0.5mg/L   ±0.3mg/L
    % Saturation of Oxygen   0.0~200.0%   0.0~200.0%
    Accuracy   ±10.00%   ±5.00%
    Temperature Range   0.0~50.0oC, 32~122oF
    Temperature Accuracy   ±1oC, ±1.8oF
    Temperature Compensation   0.0~40.0oC, Automatic
    Salinity Correction   0~35g/L
    Barometric Pressure Correction   450~850mmHg, 60.0~112.5kPa
    Calibration Points   1 or 2 Points, 100% in air or 0% in solution
    Memory   48 data sets
    Output   USB Communication interface
    Power Requirements   9V battery
    Dimensions   185(L)mm×88(W)mm×32(H)mm