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Precision Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Precision Dissolved Oxygen Meter
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Precision Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Order Id: ELE-DOM-02
Categories: Water Testing Meter  Dissolved Oxygen Meter 

ELEDOM980 precision dissolved oxygen meter are used to measure amount of gaseous oxygen dissolved in a liquids. 


Two-point push-button calibration(Zero and 100%)

Automatic temperature compensation

Salinity and barometric pressure compensation

Multi-measurement units (mg/L/ppm; kPa/mmHg, etc.)

Automatic operation message prompts

Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 99 data sets

Built-in real-time clock stamps for stored data

USB Communication interface


What's included:
Meter, DO probe, Membrane cap, Electrolyte solution, Battery.

   Model   ELEDOM980
    Dissolved Oxygen Range   0.00~20.00mg/L or ppm
    Resolution   0.01mg/L
    Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy   ±0.3mg/L
    % Saturation of Oxygen   0.0~200.0%
    Accuracy   ±5.00%
    Temperature Range   0.0~50.0oC, 32~122oF
    Temperature Accuracy   ±1oC, ±1.8oF
    Temperature Compensation   0.0~40.0oC, Automatic
    Salinity Correction   0~35g/L
    Barometric Pressure Correction   450~850mmHg, 60.0~112.5kPa
    Calibration Points   1 or 2 Points, 100% in air or 0% in solution
    Memory   99 data sets
    Output   USB Communication interface
    Power Requirements   DC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC, 50Hz
    Dimensions   210(L)mm×188(W)mm×60(H)mm