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Microprocessor pH/mV Meter
Microprocessor pH/mV Meter
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Microprocessor pH/mV Meter

Order Id: ELE-CON-B1
Categories: Water Testing Meter  Conductivity Meter 

Single Point Push-Button Calibration:
ELECON-BW series with single point calibration function, you need only set conductivity value of the calibration solution at 25oC and immerse conductivity electrode into solution, then press ENTER key, the meter will calibrated automatically.

Auto Temperature Compensation:
ELECON-B12DW will recognize the temperature sensor automatically and measure temperature after temperature sensor connected to the meter. If the conductivity electrode connected to it, the meter will enter automatic temperature compensation.

Adjustable Temperature Coefficient:
Different ion solution usually have different temperature coefficient, setting temperature coefficient correctly is very important to measurement, ELECON-BW series can be set in the range of 0 to 3.9%per centigrade degree.

Adjustable Cell Constant:

When measuring higher or lower conductivity solution, you should choose conductivity electrode with different constant. The meter with three cell constant (0.1,1,10) for your choice.

What's included:

DJS-1 Conductivity electrode (K=1), Electrode holder, Power adapters, Temperature probe (Only for ELECON-B12DW)

Auto-Ranging for Conductivity:
The meter with auto-ranging function when measure conductivity. After electrode immersed in solution, the meter will fast response and convert range.

    Conductivity Range   0~1.999, 19.99, 199.9, 1999uS/cm, 19.99, 199.9mS/cm
    Conductivity Accuracy    ±1.5% F.S  ±1% F.S ±1% F.S
    Temperature Range   --- --- 0~100.0oC
    Temperature Accuracy   --- --- ±1oC
    Calibration Points   1 Points    
    Calibration Solution   146.6uS/cm, 1408uS/cm, 12.85mS/cm
    Temperature Compensation   0~50oC, Manual 0~50oC, Manual 0~50oC, Automatic
    Temperature Coefficient   0~3.9%/oC    
    Cell Constant   K=0.1, 1, 10, Adjustable    
    Display   LCD    
    Power Requirements   DC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC, 50Hz
    Dimensions   210(L)mm×205(W)mm×65(H)mm
    Weight   1.5kg