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Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer 190-1100nm
Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer 190-1100nm
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Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer 190-1100nm

Order Id: ST-UV-1901PCS
Categories: Spectrum  Spectrophotometer 

Instrument Function:

l   Photometric measurements: simultaneous measurements at a wavelength of 1~ 6 of transmittance and absorbance.

l   Spectral measurement: in the wavelength range for transmission, absorbance and energy spectrum scanning, and various data processing such as peak and valley detection, derivative computation, spectrogram operation, etc.

l   Quantitative measurement: single wavelength, dual wavelength, three wavelength and multi-wavelength measurement. 1 ~ 9 work curve (1 ~ 4 times) regression.

l   Dynamic measurement: time scanning of transmittance and absorbency in any set of wavelengths and may carry on various data operations.

l   Data output: can undertake data file and parameter file access; the measured results are output in standard data file format.


Main features:

l   The newly designed excellent optical system, high-performance holographic blazed grating, to ensure the instrument of low stray light.

l   Double beam metering system, with advanced circuit tt&c system, make the instrument with high stability and low noise.

l   Automatic control systems, advanced design concepts to ensure that instrument with high reliability and stability.

l   Removable structure of sample room design, easy to replace different attachments. To satisfy different analysis demand.

l   Capacious open source chamber design, make the light source change more convenient.

l   Key components are of high quality; guarantee the high reliability of the instrument performance.

l   English and Chinese operating software under Windows environment, with much patent technology, provides abundant unique analysis capabilities.

Technical Parameters:




Wavelength range:

190 nm-1100nm

Light source:

Imported tungsten lamp and Deuterium Lamp

Optical system:

double beam optical system, CT-type optical, 1200 l / mm holographic diffraction grating

Wavelength accuracy:

<= +/-0.1nm(656.1nm D2); 

<= +/-0.3nm(full wavelength range)

Wavelength repeatability:


Wavelength resolution


Stray light:

<=0.02%T (220 nm NAL liquor; 340nm NaNO2)

Photometric range:

-3A~ 3A


<= 0.0003 Abs/h

Baseline straightness:

<= +/-0.001A

Spectral bandwidth:



<= +/- 0.0004 Abs/h

Photometric accuracy:

+/- 0.3%T(0~100%T)

Photometric repeatability:

0.001Abs (0~0.5Abs)

Measure Mode:

transmittance, absorbency, energy, reflection

Scanning speed:

Fast, Medium, Slow

Wavelength and the setting mode

Setting freely


Film digital buttons


Imported silicon battery

Data output:

Printer or USB port


AC 220V/ 50Hz or AC110V/60Hz