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Large-screen scanning UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
 Large-screen scanning UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
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Large-screen scanning UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Order Id: ST-UV-765
Categories: Spectrum  Spectrophotometer 


By simple parameter setting, convenient for photometric analysis, quantitative analysis, dynamic analysis, spectral scanning, multi-wavelength testing, DNA / protein analysis.



l   Using the latest ARM system, built-in English and Chinese operating system, you can transfer data via USB storage;

l   Powerful host can independently complete photometric measurements, quantitative measurements, spectral scanning, kinetics, DNA / protein testing, multi-wavelength testing and data printing;

l   Instrument uses 320 * 240 dot matrix LCD display brightness 6 displayed directly scan pattern, the screen interface is simple and easy to use;

l   Unique design of the optical system, high-performance 1200 / mm grating and import receiver to ensure the instrument has excellent performance;

l   Socket deuterium and tungsten lamps designed for light optics free after commissioning;

l   4 high-speed, high-precision A / D conversion, the instrument of high precision, fast response;

l   Large sample chamber can accommodate 5-100mm all kinds of cuvettes;

l   Can be directly connected to the printer, print maps and experimental data;

l   Built in English and Chinese operating system, easy to use;

l   By Our scanning software directly online operation.

l   National patent instrument optional rotary disc automatically Eighth sample holder, good reliability, spot center (compared to the double automatic eight joint holder), and thus the instrument metering accuracy. (Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0562307.8)


Technical Parameters:




Wavelength range:


Wavelength accuracy:

±0. lnm D2  656. 1nm),±0.3nm all area

Wavelength repeatability:


Photometric accuracy:

±0.002A(0-0.5A)±0.004A0.5-1A),±0.3 %T (0100 %T)

Photometric repeatability:

±0.001A(0-0.5A)±0.002A0.5-1A),±0.15 %T (0100 %T)

Spectral bandwidth:

1.8 nm

Stray light:

<= 0.05%T


<= 0.005 A/h500 nm preheat 1 hour

Baseline straightness:


Basic Measurement:


Data output (print):

USB port

Light source:

Imported long-life tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp


320 * 240 - bit highlighted 6 "big LCD screen