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XF-KL6800 X fluorescence multi element analyzer
XF-KL6800 X fluorescence multi element  analyzer
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XF-KL6800 X fluorescence multi element analyzer

Order Id: XF-KL6800
Categories: Elemental Analysis  Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer  X fluorescence element analyzer 

1. Main usage 

XF-KL6800 X fluorescence five element  analyzer  is widely used in industries, such as metallurgy, mining, building material, electricity. It is used in cement factory, which measures the percentage content of CaO、Fe2O3、SiO2、Al2O3 、SO3  in material, such as raw material, cement, clinker, basic material, plaster, etc. could be on the network with ratio value  ingredient system, realize automatic control, so as to adjust the raw material ratio, detect the percentage of CaO, foresee the strength of cement,  produce qualified cement of some mark number for cement enterprise, making using neither more clinker nor less admixture, create considerable economic benefit for cement enterprise every year. By rapid determination the percentage of SO3 in the cement, it could let cement enterprise immediately adjust the ratio of gypsum in the cement , making the percentage of SO3 in the factory cement not exceeding the standard.


2. Main feature

1) Analysis range reaches to 15% width( target value±7.5%),  which breaks the only 5% measuring range of same type instrument in many year.( target value±2.5%).

2) Short analysis time, percentage content of CaO, Fe2O3,SiO2, Al2O3, SO3  is given in 90S.

3) The same kind of instrument mostly adopt the structure of detection system illuminate upward samples,( sample to be tested is above the   detector ) , in the process of using it easily cause sample power falling on the instrument detector, thus effect the accuracy of instrument. Some factory samples easily crack when are suppressed, during detection process the samples drop out in blocks, damaging expensive detector, making the instrument can’t be used. XF-KL6800 instrument detector system adopts the structure of illuminating samples downward, avoiding the undue loss because of the structure of instrument design.

4) Without any chemical reagent, no "three wastes" emissions, don’t contain radioactive source, low-power, comply with the requirement of environmental protection and energy saving.

5) Large data storage capacity, content result, instrument self-checking data could be queried, avoid printing supplier.

6) Micro computer integrated as a whole, compact structure, beautiful appearance

7) Large screen LCD display, entirely in English menu prompt operation, convenient to use.

8) Instrument execute GB/T19140 《the general principles of cement X ray fluorescence analysis》


3. Technical indicator

1) Analysis range: 0.01%~100%

2) Analysis precision : SCaO≤0.05%、SFe2O3≤0.04%  

SSiO2≤0.06%、SAl2O3≤0.06% SSO3≤0.04%

3) Analysis width: various ingredients max~min≤15%, selected according to calibration working curve.

4) Analysis time: n*90S(  n=1、2、3   )

5) Using condition: power supply AC200V-240V;environment temperature 0-40℃;Relative humidity<85%

6) Overall power consumption: <30W

7) Overall dimension: 468*368*136mm

8) Total weight: 13.8kg