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XF-KL3100 X fluorescence Sulfur detector
XF-KL3100 X fluorescence Sulfur detector
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XF-KL3100 X fluorescence Sulfur detector

Order Id: XF-KL3100
Categories: Elemental Analysis  Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer  X fluorescence element analyzer 

1. Main Usage

XF-KL3100 X fluorescence sulfur detector adopts physical analysis method, without any chemical reagent, more accurate and faster than chemical analysis, could detect percentage content of SO3 in the materials in 30 seconds, such as cement, gypsum, desulfurization ash, etc, through rapidly determinating the percentage content of SO3 in cement, can let the cement enterprises immediately adjust gypsum mixing amount in cement, SO3 in the leaving factory cement aren’t exceed standard. It also could detect total  sulfur content in the carbon class materials ,such as petroleum coke, asphalt.


2. Main feature

1)Analysis range reaches to 15% width( target value±7.5%),  which breaks the only 5% measuring range of same type instrument in many year.( target value ±2.5%).

2) Large screen LCD display, entirely in English menu prompt operation, convenient to use.

3)Short analysis time, percentage content of SO3 is given in 30S.

4) Don’t destroy samples when instrument detects, sample can be used  repeatedly .

5) Without any chemical reagent, no "three wastes" emissions, don’t contain radioactive source, low-power, comply with the requirement of environmental protection and energy saving.

6)Large data storage capacity, content result, instrument self-checking data could be queried, avoid printing supplier.

7)Instrument execute GB/T19140 《the general principles of cement X ray fluorescence analysis》


3. Technical indicator

1) Analysis range: SO3 0.01%~100%  

2)Analysis precision : Standard deviation S SO3≤0.04%

3) Analysis width: SO3%max~ SO3%min≤15%

4)Analysis time: n* 30S( n is 1-5 natural number)

5)Using condition: power supply AC200V-240V;environment temperature 0-40℃;Relative humidity<85%(30℃)

6)Overall power consumption: <30W

7)Overall dimension: 468*368*136mm

8) Total weight: 13.8kg