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Arc Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
Arc Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer
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Arc Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

Order Id: EA-CS-8610
Categories: Elemental Analysis  Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer 

Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer is used in combination with WI-H86B High-speed Automatic Ignition Furnace. It can rapidly and accurately conduct content determination of carbon and sulfur in materials like steel, iron, alloy, nonferrous metals, cement, minerals and catalysts, etc. This is a high-tech product that integrates light, electrical, computer, and analysis technology into one. It has the advantages of wide measuring range, strong anti-interference ability, complete function, simple operation, accurate and reliable analysis and so on, thus an ideal analysis equipment in determining carbon and sulfur in lots of industries. 

Main Features:

  1. Adopting infrared detector with low noise, high sensitivity and high stability;
  2. Modular design of the whole machine, which improves the reliability of the instrument;
  3. Automatic linking with electronic balance;
  4. English operation interface, easy to operate and master;
  5. Complete software that can perform more than forty functions like documentation assistance, system monitoring, channel selection, statistics, results correction, breakpoint correction and system diagnosis, etc.  
  6. Dynamic display of the data, and carbon and sulfur release curves during the analysis process;
  7. Wide measuring linear range that can also be extended;
  8. Imported electromagnetic valve to improve the reliability of the air system;
  9. Highly-frequent continuous arc ignition, automatic tracking sample combustion;
  10. Electricity-saving, materials-saving, high speed and accurate

Main Technical Parameters:
Measuring range: Carbon ω (C) 0.001% -6.0000% (can be extended to 99.999%); Sulfur ω (S) 0.0005% -0.3500% (can be extended to 99.999%)
Analysis error: Carbon: better than GB/T223.69-1997 standard, Sulfur: better than GB/T223.68-1997 standard
Analysis time: 25-60 seconds Adjustable, generally about 35 seconds
Electronic Balance: Weighing range :0-300g
Reading Accuracy: 0.001g
Work environment: Room temperature :10-30 ℃
Relative Humidity: less than 75%

Power: good grounding
Voltage: AC220V ± 5%
Frequency: 50Hz ± 2%