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Metallographic Microscope
Metallographic Microscope
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Metallographic Microscope

Order Id: OP-MES-12
Categories: Metallurgical Microscope 


Product Description:

Metallographic Microscope is a kind of inverted metallographic microscope, which has nothing to do with the specimen height, for the observed surface of sample is overlapped with that of working table. This instrument is easy to use, with compact structure and elegant appearance. Its bearing size is relatively large, strong curved arm, which makes its focus lower so as to place stably and reliably. As there is a 45 ° tilt angle between the eyepiece tubes and supported leaving, it is rather comfortable for observation.

Metallographic microscope is an organizational structure for users to identify and analyze all kinds of metals and alloys. It can be widely applied in identification of casting quality, inspection of raw materials or research and analysis on metallographic organization after the materials being treated. 


Technical parameters:

1. Objective lens

   Category: achromatic objective lens

   Magnification: 10X, 40X (flat field), 100Xoil

   Numerical aperture (NA): 0.25, 0.65, 1.25

   Working Distance (mm): 7.31, 0.65, 0.37

2. Eyepiece

   Category: flat-field eyepiece

   Magnification: 10X, 12.5X

   Field Diameter (mm): 18, 15

3. Total magnification: 100X-1250X

4. Mechanical tube length: 160mm

5. Micro Focusing:

   Adjustment range: 7mm

   Scale grid values: 0.002mm

6. Coarse focusing range: 7mm

7. Light bulbs: 6V/12W bromine tungsten lamp

8. Equipment weight: 5KG

9. Size of packaging box: 360 * 246 * 350mm


Sets of instruments: 

1. Main body: 1 set

2. Single eyepiece tube: 1

3. 10X eyepiece: 1, 12.5X eyepiece: 1

4. Objective lens 10X, 40X (flat field), 100Xoil: 1 for each 

5. Loading platform spring: 1

6. Loading slide Φ10, Φ20: 1 for each

7. Filter (yellow, green, gray, ground glass): 1 for each

8. Fir oil: 1 bottle

9. Bulbs (bromine tungsten lamp): 2

10. Random files: 1 set


Optional accessories:

 10 X eyepiece micrometers, micrometer (resolution: 0.01mm)