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metallographic microscope
metallographic microscope
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metallographic microscope

Order Id: OP-MES-10
Categories: Metallurgical Microscope 

Brief introduction:
This metallographic microscope is specially designed for large-scale integrated circuit, chip quality inspection in IT industry. The main body is upright with a trinocular tube which is more suitable for observation than traditional microscopes. The upper part is equipped with a color video camera to connect the color monitor for direct observation. Besides, it can also be linked with a computer to print reports and pictures, or with a digital camera&135 camera to take photos directly, make diagram reports and quality inspection reports. Thus, Complicated photographing and printing work can be eliminated and work efficiency can be greatly improved

Technical parameters:                                                                                            
1, Eyepiece: 10X, 12.5X
2, View field diameter (mm): 18,15
3, Objective lens: 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X
4, Numerical aperture (NA): 0.10,0.25,0.40,0.65
5, Effective working distance (mm): 17.912,6.544,1.05,0.736
6, Medium: dry
7, Total Magnification: 40X-400X
8, Loading platform area: 350mm * 255mm; vertical moving stroke: 200mm; lateral movement stroke: 200mm

Sets of instruments:
1, Main body: 1 set
2, Eyepiece 10X: 1 pair
3, Binocular tube: 1
4, Objective lens 10X, 10X, 20X, 40X: 1 for each
5, Certificate, warranty card: 1
6, Manual: 1