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metallographic microscope
metallographic microscope
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metallographic microscope

Order Id: OP-MES-09
Categories: Metallurgical Microscope 

binocular inverted metallurgical microscope can be used for microscopic photography with photography devices. The observed surface of the sample coincides with the table surface, so it has nothing to do with the specimen height. Easy cooperation, compact structure, elegant appearance, broad-sized base. The strong curved arm lowers the gravity center of the instrument so that it can be stably placed. The 45°angle between the eyepiece and the supporting surface makes observation comfortable.
4XB binocular inverted metallurgical microscope can be used for casting quality Identification of metals and alloys, raw material inspection and research & analysis of metallurgical structure

Technical parameters:
1, Eyepiece: flat-field eyepieces: 10X, 12.5X
    Field diameter: 18mm, 15 mm
2, Objective lens:
     Achromatic objectives: 10X/0.25, 100X/1.25
     Semi-flat-field lens: 40X/0.65
     Working distance: 7.31 mm, 0.66 mm, 0.37 mm
3, Magnification: 100X-1250X
4, Micro Focus: adjustment range: 7mm, resolution: 0.002mm
5, Coarse focusing range: 7mm
6, Mechanical table: 70 × 50mm
7, Bulbs: 6V12W

Sets of instruments:
1, Main body: 1 set
2, Binocular tube: 1
3,10 X, 12.5X eyepiece: 1 pair
4, Objective lens 10X,, 40X, 100X (oil): 1 for each
5, Loading platform spring: 1
6, Loading slide Φ10, Φ20: 1 for each
7, Filter (yellow, green, blue, matte): 1 for each
8, Hong Tar: 1 bottle
9, Halogen lamps: 2 (alternative)

Optional accessories:

10X eyepiece with a ruler, micrometer (resolution 0.01 mm)