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metallographic microscope
metallographic microscope
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metallographic microscope

Order Id: OP-MES-07
Categories: Metallurgical Microscope 

Brief introduction:
6XB metallographic microscope is widely used for metallographic analysis, minerals analysis, electronic measurement and observation in factories, universities, research institutions and the electronics industry , etc. Stable, high-quality optical system ensures clear and good-contrast  imaging; the simple and innovative look stays in line with modern trends; humane design and easy operation free you from heavy work pressure.

Technical parameters:
1, Viewing head: 45°hinge trinocular head (eyes) (50mm-75mm)
2, Eyepiece: F10 × 20mm
3, Converter: five-hole converter
4, Optical lens: 10 X/0.25 W.D12mm, 20 X/0.4 W.D10mm, 50X/0.75 W.D1.9mm, 100X (oil) /                1.25 W.D0.37mm
5, Double mobile platform:
   Platform Size: 242mm * 172mm, heart loading platform: Φ110mm, moving range: 75mm *  50mm
6, Focus: coarse, micro coaxial focusing, rack and pinion drive mechanism, micro-grid value     0.002mm
7, Lighting: vertical Kohler illumination, aperture diaphragm and field variable diaphragm 12V/30W.AC85V-230V, adjustable light source
8, Polarizing devices: polarization analyzer can rotate 360-degree; both polarization analyzer and the polariscope can be moved in/out the optical path.
9, Filter: blue, green, yellow

Sets of instruments:

1, Main body: 1 set
2, Binocular/ trinocular observation head: 1
3, Optical lens: 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X: 1 for each
4, Polarization devices: 1 set
5, Filter (blue, green, yellow): 1 for each
6, Bulbs 12V30W: 1 
7, Manual: 1
8, Certificate, warranty card: 1

Optional accessories:
1, Adjuster lens: 1
2, CMOS camera: 1