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metallographic microscope
metallographic microscope
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metallographic microscope

Order Id: OP-MES-06
Categories: Metallurgical Microscope 

Brief introduction:
BJ-X portable metallographic microscope, with its built-in vertical lighting system, can be used conveniently for on-site identification of different metal and alloy structures , especially when specimen manufacture is not available. It can be widely employed in factories and labs for the metal quality identification, raw material inspection, and metallurgical structure analysis of metal pieces after treatment, as well as for observation of fine surface structure of antiques and jades.

Technical parameters:
1, objective lens:
  Category: achromatic lens
  Magnification: 10X, 40X
  Numerical aperture (NA): 0.25, 0.65
  Working Distance (mm): 7.3, 0.5
2, Eyepiece:
  Magnification: 10X
  Field Diameter (mm): ф18
3, Technical parameters
  Total magnification: 100X, 400X
  Mechanical tube length: 160mm
  Focus distance: 36mm

Sets of instruments:
1, main body: 1 set
2,10 X eyepiece: 1
3,10 X, 40X objective lens: 1
4, adjustable power supply: 1
5, bulbs 6 V2.1W: 1
6, warranty cards: 1
7, certificate: 1
8, Manual: 1