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Transmission & reflection dark field & polarized light DIC microscope
Transmission & reflection dark field & polarized light DIC microscope
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Transmission & reflection dark field & polarized light DIC microscope

Order Id: OP-MES-02
Categories: Metallurgical Microscope 

Brief introduction:
This microscope, as a senior one of its type, is developed to meet the specific needs of the semiconductor industry, silicon manufacturing industry, electronic information industry and metallurgical industry. It can be used for casting quality Identification of metals and alloys, raw material inspection and research & analysis of metallurgical structure. It conforms to ergonomic design requirements, so you will feel comfortable at work.

Technical parameters:
1. Viewing head: Adjustable, IPD 50mm-75mm, 0 ° ~ 45 °
2. Eyepiece: WF10/25mm          
3. Long working distance achromatic plan objectives:
4. Converter: Four-controlled converter with adjustable center
5. Contour lighting:
  Light source: Halogen bulb (12V, 50W)
  Optical system: adjustable aperture diaphragm and field diaphragm Kohler lighting system
  Functions: Adjustable light intensity and brightness
6. Surface Lighting:
  Light source: Halogen bulb (12V, 50W)
  Optical system: with aperture diaphragm and field of optical field Kohler illumination
  Features: Adjustable light intensity, brightness adjustment Promise
7. Polarizing device: analyzer can 360 °rotate polarizer, the prosecution can shift optical polarizer
8. Display device:
  Shaft: 2 axis or 3 axis
  Resolution: 0.001mm/0.005mm/0.0005mm
  Functions: zeroing, direction conversion, data output, TTL signal
  Power Supply: AC85V ~ 230V
9. Detection Tool: 0.01mm micrometer
10. Platform:
   X, Y table movement range: 100mm * 100mm
   Z-axis movement range: 150mm
   Focus: Manual Focus
   Measurement method: Linear encoder: 3-axis type: X / Y / Z axis
                         2-axis model: X / Y axis
   Resolution: 0.001mm/0.005mm/0.0005mm
   Accuracy: the standard of measurement accuracy 20 ± 1 ℃
   Floating functions: X and Y axis of quick disconnection
   XY work table size: 286mm * 286mm
   Effective size of loading glass: 180mm * 180mm

Optional accessories:
1.15X, 20X eyepiece
2.WF10X/20mm, 0.1mm cross reticle
3. Objectives: PL L2X, PL L100X
4. Adapter lens
5. Industrial Cameras
6. Analysis Software